Volunteer for the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is currently receiving applications for Board membership. Board members whose terms will begin in January 2018 will be appointed at the December 2017 meeting of the Board of Directors.

Requirements for Disability Rights NC Board members

We are making every effort to ensure that appointments reflect the socioeconomic, ethnic, geographic and disability diversity of our State. All Board members must be citizens and residents of the State of North Carolina. At least nine members of the total of seventeen must have a disability or have a family member who has a disability. Selection of Board members will be based on a person's knowledge of and demonstrated commitment to ensuring the human and legal rights of people with disabilities.

Disability Rights North Carolina Board Member Job Description

Disability Rights NC Board members are elected for an initial term of office for one (1) year. Based on the activity level and commitment to the organization, members may be eligible for election of a second term of three (3) years and a third term of two (2) years, for a total of six (6) years of service. They are expected to attend quarterly Board meetings and be a member of at least one committee which will meet either by telephone conference call or in person between Board meetings. Quarterly Board meetings are held in different parts of the state. Travel arrangements are the responsibility of the Board member, but travel reimbursement may be available for expenses incurred. The Board is comprised of 17 members who represent various diverse groups as defined by the organization's bylaws.

Basic Requirements

All Board members will possess:

  • A sincere awareness of and interest in protecting the rights of people with disabilities.
  • A concern with promoting Disability Rights NC's role in the state.
  • Skills/interest in areas such as fund raising, management, law, public relations, etc.
  • Ability and willingness to listen with an open mind.

General Responsibilities

All Board members will:

  • Attend and participate in Board and committee meetings.
  • Make a firm commitment to achieve the Board's goals and objectives.
  • Help the Board reach group decisions.
  • Maintain awareness of changing needs in community
  • Support and participate in fund raising activities.
  • Participate in annual self assessment regarding contribution to the Board.
  • Engage in creative strategic planning with other Board members and staff.
  • Assume responsibility for the disposition of Disability Rights NC resources in a manner that is both legal and in the best interests of Disability Rights NC and the people it serves

Specific Responsibilities

All Board members are required to:

  • Commit to one full day Board meeting each quarter.
  • Commit to an average of 2 to 3 hours each month for committee meetings and associated functions.
  • Possess and use specific skills and contacts for the betterment of Disability Rights NC (fund raising, community service, contact, etc.)
  • Alert staff or committee chair when unable to attend meetings.
  • Participate in orientation prior to assuming role as Board member.

Role of the Board of Directors

  • Develops and maintains annual Disability Rights NC short and long range goals and objectives
  • Maintains authority and responsibility for policies, procedures and programs.
  • Ensures continued financial stability of the organization.
  • Encourages appropriate non-board individuals to serve on task/adhoc committees
  • Promotes a positive and productive work environment for the staff
  • Develops and oversees personnel policies.
  • Conducts annual evaluation of Executive Director

To apply for board membership:

  1. Complete the application attached below, AND
  2. Read the Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedures and fill out the Conflict of Interest Statement, and return it with your application.

Tres documentos están disponibles en español.

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