About Disability Rights North Carolina

This series for short videos explains our role as North Carolina's Protection and Advocacy agency, our mission, and the strategies we use to advance the rights of people with disabilities.

EPSDT—Medicaid for Children

One goal of Medicaid is to make sure children get the healthcare they need. That care includes treatment for any disability or health condition.

The right to that care is guaranteed under part of the federal Medicaid Act called EPSDT—Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic, and Treatment. It applies to children under the age of 21 who have Medicaid.

Our new video explains how EPSDT works, what services it guarantees for children, and how parents can use this important mandate to advocate for their children.

Innovations Waiver

These videos provide an overview of some of the change to the Innovations Waiver. The Innovations Waiver is a home- and community-based Medicaid program. It provides services and supports to people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities who are at risk of needing institutional care.

The changes took effect in November 2016. The change many individuals and caregivers are concerned about is the implementation of base budgets. Our guide to the changes explains what the base budget covers, how the base budget is determined, and how to advocate for your rights to services.

The following videos provide an overview of the Waiver changes and include important self-advocacy tips.

The Base Budget is Not a Cap!

Your Base Budget and What to Do If It's Not Enough

Children with Complex Behavioral Health Needs

In October, Disability Rights NC reached a settlement with the State of North Carolina regarding its care of children with complex behavioral health needs—that is, children who have an intellectually or developmental disability and a mental illness. As a result of this agreement, there are new supports available to children who have both an intellectual and/or developmental and a mental illness.

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