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VIDEO: IEP Dispute Resolution

This video walks you through the steps parents can take to resolve a dispute over what's in their student's IEP.

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As North Carolina’s Protection and Advocacy (P&A) agency, we are dedicated to enforcing and protecting the rights of all North Carolinians with disabilities. We do this through these four areas of work.

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NEWS: Six State Constitutional Amendments

Tags: News

There will be six constitutional amendments on your ballot in November. Two are of particular concern to people with disabilities, and we have provided links to all six below. One amendment would lower the cap on the state income tax… Continue Reading

NEWS: Two Bills Shape NC Medicaid

Tags: News

Two bills passed in the recent legislative session that will shape NC’s Medicaid system for years to come. Currently, North Carolina’s Medicaid program is mostly fee-for-service, with MH/DD/SAS services in managed care. The State is in the process of transitioning… Continue Reading

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